Terms and Conditions of sale

  • Cancellation Policy:

    If for any reason an Applicant is unable to attend, the Applicant is responsible to find a substitute from their company to attend in their place who is of similar standing within the company. Nominated substitute must be approved by GF. If an Applicant cancels within four (4) weeks of the Event or fails to attend the Event, no refund will be administered.

  • Force Majeure:

    If the Event is cancelled for reasons due to acts of God, wars, civil disturbances, strikes, illness, terrorist attacks, or other causes beyond the control, GF will make every effort to re-schedule the Event that is mutually acceptable for all parties. If future dates cannot be mutually agreed upon, GF shall promptly return registration fee.

  • Privacy Statement

    GF acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. The information you provide in this application is ‘personal information’ as defined by the Privacy Act 1998 (NSW) [the Act]. It is collected and held by GF in order to process your application; to send you information regarding the Event, for administrative and statistical purposes. You have the right of access to, and alteration of, the information concerning yourself in accordance with the Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. GF will not disclose your personal information without your consent and without due cause, except as authorised by law.

  • Confidentiality:

    You shall keep any information disclosed by participating delegates in relation to the Event confidential and shall not disclose it or make it available directly or indirectly to any third party in any form or medium whatsoever without the express written consent of the disclosing party.

  • COVID-19 Confirmation and Waiver:

    As part of our commitment to provide a safe working environment for all event participants and attendees during the unprecedented, fast-changing Covid-19 situation, you and your guests (all attendees) will be required to sign a COVID-19 Health Declaration form before attending the Event.

  • Indemnity:

    The Applicant agrees to the full extent permitted by law, to defend, indemnify and hold harmless GF, any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of GF and any director, officer, employee, stockholder, agent or attorney of GF or of any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the GF from and against any loss which arises out of or relates in any way to the Event including: a) any breach of any covenant, or the inaccuracy or untruth of any representation or warranty of the Applicant made herein; b) taxes, assessments, visa fees and other governmental charges of any kind or nature whatsoever; c) any other demand, claim, debt, suit, cause of action, arbitration or other proceeding that is made or asserted by any third party; d) the failure of the Applicant to timely pay or perform any of the requirements or obligations contained herein including failing to meet final payment under a plan; and e) the failure of the Applicant to timely pay any tax, visa fees, travel costs, flights and any other payment relevant to the Event. f) any negligent or fraudulent act, error or omission on the part of the Applicant; g) any loss of or damage to any property or injury to or death of any person caused by any act or omission of the Applicant; or h) any loss of or damage to any property of the Applicant, the Applicant’s company and/or business, employees of the Applicant and/or the Applicant’s company or business and any person accompanying the Applicant during the Event or in any way related to the Event; i) any injury to the Applicant, employees of the Applicant and/or the Applicant’s company or business and any person accompanying the Applicant during the Event or in any way related to the Event; and j) death of the Applicant, employees of the Applicant and/ or the Applicant’s company or business and any person accompanying the Applicant during the Event or in any way related to the Event.

  • Security Protocols:

    There will be a security screening process through metal detectors and bag checks to enter the event so please arrive early to avoid delays. The following is prohibited:

    • Re-entry – once you are inside the building you will not be able to depart the venue again and re-enter.
    • External food or drinks
    • Umbrellas
    • Laptops, tablets or iPads
    • Any backpack of any size and other bags larger than 30cm/ A4 
    • Videography or photography on any device
  • VIP Meet & Greet Experience:

    • Your Photo ID is required on arrival.

    • Signed health declaration and waiver/consent as part of the event registration process on the day of the event.

    • A temperature check at the venue before entering the pre-event VIP cocktail function.
    • Provide proof of vaccination at the event registration.
    • Provide proof of a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of the event OR a negative Antigen test completed at the event registration on the day (conducted by medical technicians in a non-invasive, discrete, and confidential manner).
    • If you test positive and/or record a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius, you will not be permitted to participate in the Meet & Greet Experience. 
    • Your ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable
    • These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales and Victoria. The parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wale and Victoria.
    • I acknowledge that the Event Contract includes these Terms and Conditions and the GF General Terms and Conditions found here