frequently asked questions

How much are tickets?
There are a number of ticket options available for the An Evening with President Barack Obama events. You can view the pricing options HERE
Who is the event intended for?
Growth Faculty is a leadership learning platform that brings together the world’s brightest minds with the tools, mindset and ideas to grow teams and businesses. Growth Faculty believes that President Obama’s unique leadership experiences and challenges are topics that its members, business leaders and the wider community will find fascinating, insightful and practical in their own professional and personal lives.
How long will this event be?
This event will begin at 7:45 pm AEDT and ends at 9:15 pm.
Are masks required to attend this event?
Ticket holders will be required to comply with the requirements of each venue (Aware Theatre, Sydney and John Cain Arena, Melbourne). There are currently no mask mandates in place.
Will I get a refund if I have COVID and cannot attend?
Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable. NSW Health advises those with COVID-19 to stay home until acute symptoms are gone, while those attending the Victorian event must abide by the state’s rules to isolate for at least five days and until you don’t have symptoms.
I’d like to volunteer
Thanks so much for your interest! Please forward your resume and contact details to and we will contact you if the opportunity for volunteers arises.
Is this event open to the general public?
Yes, anyone is able to purchase a ticket to attend.
Is there accessible seating?
Yes, we have accessible seating available. Please note that this is limited and we suggest contacting Ticketek at your earliest convenience.
Do you accept companion cards?
Yes we do – please contact Ticketek.
Is Food provided?
VIP and Platinum Ticket Holders – Yes, there will be canapes served at the pre-event cocktail party. More information will be sent to ticketholders closer to the event. For all other ticketholders food and drink outlets will be serving outside of the venue.
Can food or drink be bought into the venue?
Food and drink must be purchased inside the venue – other food or drink is not permitted to be brought in.
Can I take photos/video?
No photography or videography during the main event is permitted.
What time should I arrive for An Evening With… ?
This will be a high security event so please arrive early to allow time to get through the security procedures. Doors will be open at 6.30pm with no admissions into the main event after 7.45pm.
Will there be security?
There will be metal detectors and bag checks. No laptops, tablets, cameras or video recorders or umbrellas are permitted. No bags bigger than 30cm x 30cm are permitted. Cloaking facilities will be provided.
When will I receive my tickets?
Tickets will be sent two weeks prior to the event via email.
Where can I find TGF’s privacy policy?
You can read this by following this link: TGF’s Privacy Policy
Will there be resources for the hearing impaired?
Yes. There will be live captioning and there will be an AUSLAN interpreter at this event.